Professional Psychotherapy & Counselling in Auckland 

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help you to explore your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in a safe and confidential environment in order to increase self-awareness,   
heal past experiences, improve current life situations and enhance wellbeing.

I offer both long-term Depth Psychotherapy and Brief Therapy and Counselling from my practice rooms in Ponsonby, Auckland. I have specialist training and experience in the Treatment of Addiction, Mental Health Concerns, and Trauma. I work with Men and Women of all ages, Adolescents, and with Couples.

My approach is a 'Synthesis' of Psychodynamic, Humanistic, and Cognitive Behavioural therapies. 'Synthesis' also refers to the therapeutic goal of integrating the various parts of one's Self into a well-functioning whole, bringing greater balance and meaning to our lives.


                            While I work with a range of issues and concerns
     I have specialist training and clinical experience with the following problems:

Addictions (Drugs/Alcohol/Gambling)

Anxiety Disorders & Sleep Problems

Interpersonal & Relationship Problems

Mens Issues & Anger Management

Recovery from
Trauma, Violence, Abuse
Grief, Loss & Change, Death & Dying

Depression & Mental Health Concerns

Self Esteem, Identity, Search for Meaning

Immigration & Cultural Adaptation

Work/Study Stress, Burnout, Life Purpose

 Practice rooms located in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand


Mobile Phone: 021-973455