Depth Psychotherapy                


                                        Why Longer Term Psychotherapy?

 While Brief Therapy/Counselling focuses on a specific problem or symptom, Depth Psychotherapy          values self awareness and aims to address the patterns underlying your emotional suffering and assist

you to move toward greater psychological balance and integration. Long Term Psychotherapy (lasting

from several months to a few years) can bring about lasting changes. People often commence Depth Psychotherapy to address mental health, interpersonal, emotional, or behavioural concerns, or to

embark on a journey of personal growth, self awareness and healing.

                      "Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

                           Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes".

 - Carl Jung, Psychologist -
 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
My primary treatment approach is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (a form of Depth Psychology), which is a powerful, evidence based treatment for emotional discomfort or Mental Health concerns, an avenue for self-discovery, and a means towards enhancing relationships with others and the world. There are different theoretical traditions within Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. My approach is based on Relational Psychoanalytic and Self Psychology traditions.

Psychodynamic theory assumes that our personalities are shaped by several developmental stages, by  attachment to other people or places, by separations, trauma and losses, and by both real and imagined or 'internalized' relationships with significant others. What happens when we are infants, children, adolescents, and young adults affects the way we see the world, the types of relationships that we have, and the way we feel about ourselves, the world and others. As a way of coping with these experiences people develop 'psychological defences' (e.g. Avoidance, Denial, Repression etc), which while possibly needed for survival at one stage, can keep people trapped in an unhealthy cycle when these past themes and patterns are re-enacted with people in their current lives.

In Psychodynamic Psychotherapy the patient-therapist relationship is seen as of particular importance in the journey of healing and personal growth. In sessions I aim to understand your unique inner experience in its social/interpersonal context, and respond with empathy and genuine presence. We will mutually explore your past and present experiences and relationships and start an ongoing dialogue to develop understandings about your life, and help you to move forward towards bringing your hopes and dreams to fruition as part of a more fulfilling existence.  As new understandings and experiences occur within the therapeutic relationship, healing takes place and positive changes become possible.  

Considerable research supports the efficacy of psychodynamic therapy. If you like to read research studies, you can download a recent review article on the efficacy of psychodynamic therapy here.